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Can Independent Living Kick You Out?

Finding a suitable care home that meets your loved one’s unique needs can be overwhelming. After a loved one has settled into their space, a significant concern posed by families is the potential for a resident’s eviction from an independent living community. Although rare, senior living communities can evict residents from their living arrangements. An […]

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7 Tips for Coping with Sundowner’s Syndrome

Caring for a loved one with sundowner’s syndrome can be incredibly challenging. The dramatic mood and behavior changes that accompany this condition are difficult to manage, leaving both the individual affected and their caregivers drained of energy.  These 7 tips for coping with sundowner’s syndrome include: It is possible, however, to better cope with this […]

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Why Are Social Activities for Seniors Important?

Social activities are an important aspect of life for people of all ages, particularly seniors. Participating in social activities can help seniors maintain their mental and physical health while providing opportunities for social connection and engagement.  Seniors who engage in social activities often report experiencing less loneliness and depression and benefit from improved cognitive function […]

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Are Massage Guns Safe for Seniors?

A caregiver giving a massage to a senior man using a using a massage gun.

Massage guns have been gaining popularity in recent years for their effectiveness in relaxing muscles and relieving pain and tension. These handheld devices use percussive therapy to simulate the effects of a deep tissue massage. Whether massage guns are safe for seniors depends on several factors, such as their health conditions, medication, and the type […]

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10 Outdoor Activities for Seniors

Cropped image of an elderly man in shorts and his wife in trousers walking outdoors.

As people age, it can be beneficial to find ways to stay active and engaged. Independent living in senior living communities can help ensure residents get daily living support and assistance with finding activities they enjoy.  While residents of senior living communities can often enjoy indoor amenities and services, participating in outdoor activities can help […]

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Does Early Onset Alzheimer’s Progress Faster?

Young confused person.

An Alzheimer’s diagnosis can significantly affect your life, especially an early diagnosis. You may wonder what the future looks like, such as planning your finances and when you need extra support. Many people wonder if early-onset Alzheimer’s progresses faster.  Research is ever going on Alzheimer’s to understand more about this disease, but current studies suggest […]

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