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Case Study of a Recent Move-In

At 11 a.m. on a Tuesday morning, our Executive Director was called by a hospital Social Worker. The Social Worker had a patient ready to be discharged who did not meet the requirements for a skilled rehab setting, but who would not thrive at home. By noontime, the Executive Director was at the hospital to meet with the resident.

That afternoon, at 2 p.m., Executive Director had picked up the new resident at the hospital in one of our vans, stopped by his home to pick up items he needed for his stay, purchased some new reading glasses, and had taken the new resident out on errands.

By 4 p.m., the new resident was moved into a beautifully appointed apartment, complete with toiletries, towels, and all of the niceties that make a new space feel comfortable. During his stay, the resident regained his strength and his health improved dramatically as he received the services he needed to get back on his feet.

Responsive Move-In Process

  • We respond quickly to accomplish a timely move-in for elders who need support and security immediately.
  • We conduct in-home and on-site visits with potential residents in hospitals, rehab centers and nursing homes. Please contact our Executive Director to promptly arrange a visit with your client.
  • We offer Short-Term Respite Stays at our community.
  • We offer assistance throughout the research and decision-making process to eldercare professionals, their clients and families.
  • We communicate regularly with eldercare professionals concerning each client’s needs and progress before, during and after a move to Saranac Village at Will Rogers.

Expertise in Financial Programs

At Saranac Village, our Executive Director is well versed in the features and eligibility requirements of various financial aid programs to help with the costs of living at Saranac Village at Will Rogers, and we work closely with referral sources to determine if one or more of these programs would benefit a potential resident. We also offer an in-house program that offers cost reductions based on income.

Experience with Long-Distance Placements

For those coming from outside the area, identifying the independent senior living options can be difficult. To make this easier, we offer services for local families who have a relative from out of the area that wishes to move to our community. We also work with families who live far away but have a relative who has chosen to move to our community—selecting our independent senior residence in Saranac Lake as a way to stay within their social circle and community roots. We can help assist in setting up a successful and positive move.

Getting in Touch

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